"All Things Ignatian" Celebrates

The Spirit of Creighton

3:30 – 6 pm, Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harper Center Ahmanson Ballroom

What is this?  This poster presentation features individual and collaborative initiatives that highlight the Ignatian Spirit of Creighton.  It is sponsored by the Creighton University Jesuit Community, with help from the Deglman Center for Ignatian Spirituality.

Why do we want to do it?  Last year's "All Things Ignatian" turned into one of the great events of Creighton's year.  Sixty-eight faculty, staff, and administrators presented posters that drew over 500 colleagues to a delightful experience of learning, celebrating, congratulating, and being stimulated to think about other creative efforts to implement Creighton's Jesuit mission.  This year we want to give the event a particular focus responding to Fr. Lannon's inaugural address on "The Spirit of Creighton."  Last year we started with a list of 25 subscribers as we went public; this year the list already numbers 76 confirmed participants!  The list of participants is available here.

The objectives of the event include

bulletstimulating creative thinking about fostering and expressing Creighton's Ignatian spirit;
bulletcelebrating and affirming the breadth and depth of what we already are doing to extend Creighton's unique Ignatian spirit;
bulletputting people in touch with those who already have experience with and thought about how to blend Ignatian considerations with academic and other actions; and  
bulletcataloguing notable successes at a university that is an acknowledged leader in all things Ignatian.

Who should consider presenting?  We seek specific initiatives that express Creighton's spirit.  Questions a presenter could answer on the poster include:

bulletWhat do you do that expresses Ignatian values typifying the spirit of Creighton? 
bulletHow have you taken the challenge of Creighton's Jesuit mission and put it into action? 
bulletWhat fine activity of yours showing Creighton's Ignatian spirit might your colleagues not yet know well?

We seek concrete examples of innovative programs and projects that draw upon and manifest Ignatian values in action.     

Those considering presenting a poster may want to consider these Ignatian values:

bulletThe six Creighton values celebrated on the banners in the student center: Magis; Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam; Cura Personalis; Men and Women for and with Others; Unity of Mind and Heart; and Forming and Educating Agents for Change.
bulletThe four Creighton values represented on the inaugural cross: academic excellence, unwavering faith, compassionate patient care, and service to others.

They may also want to reread Fr. Lannon's inaugural address, available at http://www.creighton.edu/administration/presidentialinauguration/inauguraladdress.

What will the presentation look like?  The planning committee is providing templates for both landscape and portrait posters.  The templates can be found here.  The Creighton Jesuit Community and the Deglman Center for Ignatian Spirituality will underwrite the costs of producing, mounting, and laminating a standard 32" x 40" poster.  Offices and departments are welcome to produce triptych or other larger posters at their own cost.  Posters can include photos, diagrams, testimonials, contact persons, statistics – whatever helps communicate the initiative.  Presenters are also welcome to have brochures and media presentations of their initiative available.  A presenter or representative needs to be with the poster during the full presentation.

What if we presented a poster last year?  All the better!  Why not consider afresh this year what you are doing as expressing the spirit of Creighton?  Your experience has already shown you how to create a lively poster.  Create a new one, and we'll pay for it!  You may want to update its information or add new aspects.  Colleagues attending may not have stopped at your poster last year and will find it fresh and encouraging.  Creating a new poster in the new format may help you become aware of new or further Ignatian aspects of your work.

Many faculty have collaborated with students in beginning programs.  Those programs are a great outgrowth of Creighton's Ignatian spirit.  Posters on several of those student-led programs were particular delights of last year's presentation.  Give us more of those!

When do I have to have my slide submitted to Creative Services?  Posters must be submitted to Creative Services no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

Last year's presentation included posters ranging from blacksmithing to backpack journalism, clinics, and published books, all furthering Creighton's Ignatian mission.  There is so much more going on!  Tell us about it!  Share the spirit!

What happens with the posters?  This event is scheduled to be a preamble to Founders’ Week.  Once the event is finished, the posters will be moved to grace various spaces in the Harper Center and other strategic places on campus during Founders’ Week.  Participants are encouraged to display their posters appropriately in their own spaces once Founders’ Week is completed.

Where can I get more specific information about preparing my poster?  Guidelines for poster creation are available here.  

If you have questions, please contact Fr. Greg Carlson, S.J. at 3240 or gcarls@creighton.edu or any of the planning committee members below:

Mary Higgins

Susan Naatz

Patty Perry

Tom Purcell

Marcia Shadle-Cusic

Paul Trivilino

Ronald Volkmer

Pam Yenko